When Should You Hire a Company to Do Mold Testing?

Tips for Hiring a Professional Mold Contractor

It can be difficult for a homeowner to determine when to hire a company for mold testing. At such times, the presence of molds in your home is not as obvious as when they grow in an easy-to-access area that you can plainly see. Sometimes, these contaminants hide and grow in inaccessible areas like crawlspaces, inside walls, and carpets, making testing necessary.

The assessment will determine their presence, and it’s for this reason that homeowners need to know when to call in the experts for testing. Various indicators will tell you it’s time to go for testing. Let’s look at some of them.

The Right Time for Mold Testing

Homeowners must hire an expert for mold testing when

Homeowners must hire an expert for mold testing when:

  • When they smell a musty odor in their homes. Most musty odors are caused by molds.
  • If your home has recently been flooded. Molds start growing in a humid environment almost immediately, and flooding causes humidity.
  • Another factor that’ll tell you, you need to call an expert is when you find mold in a particular area in your home. Mold spreads fast, so if you happen to find one in a particular location, there’s a likelihood they’re hiding in other areas around your home.
  • You and your loved ones start facing mold-related health problems, like fatigue, chronic Sinus infection, severe headaches, and coughs, among other health issues.
  • Another factor that’ll make you go for this testing is when you have a loved one who has a medical condition that becomes worse when exposed to molds like asthma and environmental allergies.
  • When your gut feeling tells you there are hidden molds in the house.

Testing for Molds

There are two ways experts use to test out molds in a house. Some tests assess the molds in your home, while others assess the mold spore floating around your home. When you test out your household air, it can help you to determine hidden molds around the house. There are instances where you can absolutely miss checking molds in your home.

A good example is when the molds are hiding in your heating and air conditioning system, but every time you turn on the device, the mold spores are blown into the room. Therefore, a test sourcing out mold spore’s presence in the air can indicate molds nearby. Moreover, you’ll still need to track the exact location where these molds are situated.

Alternatively, homeowners can buy mold test kits to test out their homes, but these kits are quite limited; therefore, the better option is to hire an expert to carry out the test. Moreover, you’ll not want a situation of getting incorrect results due to improper handling or lack of expertise.

Getting Professional Mold Testing

The best way to get the correct results is by hiring a professional mold remediation company. These experts have the right expertise that allows precision, ensuring you get accurate results. Moreover, they know where to test for molds, plus the type growing in your house, which allows them to recommend the best treatment. A mold test can also highlight the expected safety levels of molds in your home. They’ll tell you when the safety levels are unusual or unsafe. Ensure you hire a mold testing professional to test for molds.

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